Your Child Doesn’t Need to Earn Your Trust

Very few people trust life. Think about that for a moment… Wisdom and spirituality guide us in this life, yet most of us don’t trust the history and experiences that have come before us. Therefore, we project our lack of trust in our children and our society believes that trust has to be earned.

What if we let our kids know that we trust them implicitly? We make them aware that they are fundamentally trustworthy. By being our kids, they have earned our trust.

What if we approached trust differently? By telling our kids that they have to earn our trust we foster insecurity fueled by ego and fear.

The degree to which our children feel trusted by us is a direct reflection of the trust or lack of trust, we have for ourselves.

As dads, we communicate or trust or distrust in a lot of subtle ways. The questions we ask, the lectures we give, and the advice we give all communicate a level of trust or distrust. When we constantly hover over our children, we communicate a sense of uncertainty, that in turn challenges and undermines the trust they have in themselves.

The less we check in on them in an anxious manner, we communicate to them that we know they are fully capable of taking care of themselves and we trust they will come to us if they need help.

One of the best things we can do for our children is to encourage them to speak up and be heard. They learn to trust themselves when we tell them they are heard and we respect the way they put their thoughts and words together defending something they believe in.

When our children learn to respect themselves and trust their ability to lead, they are empowered beyond measure.

When our kids realize they are worthy of our trust, they will naturally rise.

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