The Moment is Now

Our children won’t stick around forever. In a blink of an eye, they will move on to a life of their own. The time we do have with them is when we can help mold their inner-self and awaken them to their fullest potential because it’s from here the remainder of their life will draw inspiration and support. It’s from here they will seek relationship advice, deal with daily financial struggles, the pressures of college and a job, and so on.

My mentor shared with me something quite profound about myself. He told me that I am looking at the time together with my children wrong. Of course, I got defensive. But after I put some thought into what he said, he was correct.

His point was this: it’s easy for us to look ahead to vacations and dining out as our moments to connect meaningfully. But where the impact happens is the ordinary moments like breakfast time, walking to school, the drive home from practice, or standing in line. It’s in these times that our emotional connectivity flourishes. And until I understand this completely and then embrace it, I’m letting countless opportunities pass by to connect with my kids.

A practical way to bring this to life is to slow down your morning routine. When your kids wake up, be sure to greet them and look them in the eyes. No phone in your hand. No rushing from point a to point b. Undivided attention is the goal. If that means getting up 10 minutes earlier, then do it.

No matter the past or what is to come, the moment is now to connect and look at your children differently. Even if it’s only for a few moments a day, these are moments that have the power to provide long-lasting effects on your children’s happiness and the confidence to navigate this world.

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