Moral Bankruptcy

I started Daring Dads as a way to learn more about being a dad and avoid talking about business so it pains me a bit to use my experience in business but it’s worth it.

The American economy is flanked by virtue and vice so it’s not surprising that heroes and villains populate the business landscape. Yet as the way we consume information and gather data, a new void in values is making it easier for people to be deceptive, full of betrayal, and indecent.

The majority of people in the workplace are not engaged in improper behavior. Most are people of integrity. But I have known enough executives that through greed and arrogance, have found themselves on the dark side.

And each of them rationalizes their existence on that side with something to the effect “you have to cheat to stay ahead.” That path is slippery and downhill. At the bottom is moral bankruptcy.

This behavior starts on the playgrounds at our schools and community parks. We stress to our children to be fair, don’t cheat, be nice, share with others, and tell the truth. But something happens when those kids become adults. Do they forget those things about good playground behavior their parents taught them?

I believe that those values get ignored and justified by a goal or end. Maybe it’s money, maybe it’s power, or maybe it’s fame. Regardless, none of those ends justify unethical means or behavior.

Long-term success comes to people who possess courage, integrity, generosity and practice their skills. When we surround ourselves with people who share a universally accepted set of values, achievement, and success is inevitable. Those people know happiness at home and work and find a greater purpose in their lives.

We can teach our kids that nice guys and gals can and do finish first.

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