Kill The Urgency to “Do”

Our kids learn from our behavior that there isn’t a value in free time. Our restlessness shows them that business is better than idleness. We teach them that there’s value in being busy. 

And what happens to them as adults?

They fear the thought of being alone. They become workaholics, are at the bars all the time, and constantly seek the companionship of anyone or anything other than themselves. 

Children don’t require gadgets or distractions. When left alone, they can flow from one thing to the next and be totally content doing so. It’s easy to fill their lives with the newest shiny object. In doing so, we rob them of their imagination. 

Without imagination, there is no path to being happy with one’s self. 

Removing distractions, noise, and clutter from our life kills the urgency to “do.” When we aren’t obsessed with busyness we can enjoy a path to happiness from within, not one dependent on an outside stimulus.

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