#01 – Donn Felker: Screen Time, Doing What’s Best, Hearing and Apologizing to your Children

“And that’s kind of one of those things where it’s helped me realize that like I have to take a step back a little bit and you know, let them speak their mind.”

Donn Felker (@donnfelker) is the co-host of the Fragmented Podcast, an Android developer podcast. He’s the founder and lead instructor at Caster.IO — an online training platform for Android developers. He’s authored many books on Android development and speaks internationally on topics ranging from Mobile development, to web development to business. He’s also been recognized as an Android GDE by Google.

Donn takes us to some amazing places with this conversation. He gives us the energy and courage to take a hard look at how we’re spending our time with our children and why we need to make the most of it now. He shares a remarkable story of how his own daughter called him out when he was interrupting her and how that moment forced him to shift how he listened to his kids. He also shares how we can be intentional with the questions we ask our kids so we can make them feel comfortable in those uneasy moments. Donn’s an uber-healthy guy, so he gives us some great examples of discipline.

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