Attention dads looking to be better for your kids and family

When dads are affectionate and supportive, it dramatically affects a child's cognitive and social development. It also instills an overall sense of well-being and self-confidence.

We started this Be a Better Dad Challenge and Community because we can all use a little help…

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Count how many years are left before your kid graduates high school. For example, If they are 14, assume 4 years. Then, take that number (4) and multiply it by 52. In this example, 52×4=208. You have only 208 more Saturdays to spend with them until they leave for college or pursue whatever avenue they choose after high school.

That really puts things into perspective.

Time is really of the essence. Right?

You’ve tried everything. You’ve tired the calm approach to talking to your kids. You’ve tried the old-fashioned raise your voice to put the fear of God into them. Perhaps you’ve spent nights awake going down rabbit holes of quick fixes for being a better dad. But the truth is, you’re still frustrated with your kids and your relationship with them. You’re frustrated with yourself and your inability to provide a happy life at home for everyone and your inability to be the “awesome dad” you’ve always dreamt of. You feel like no matter what you try, it’s not going to work.

Here's why...

This is more difficult than it sounds, I know. But, how a dad spends his time tells his children what’s important to him. Your kids spell love T-I-M-E. If you always seem too busy for your children, they will feel neglected no matter what you say. This often means sacrificing other things, but it is essential to spend time with your children. 

Kids grow up so quickly. Missed opportunities are lost forever.

Children need security. Security comes from knowing they are wanted, accepted, and loved by their family. The fastest and best way to show your kids that you love them….dad, get comfortable hugging your children. 

Maybe you’ve never considered it, but dads are role models to their kids. It’s not always their favorite athlete. A girl who spends time with a loving father grows up knowing she deserves to be treated with respect by boys, and what to look for in a husband. Dads can teach their sons what is important in life by putting honesty, humility, and responsibility on display each and every day.

“What I learned most from my father wasn’t anything he said; it was just the way he behaved.” - Jeff Bridges

Who aM I and why should you listen to ME?

I spent so much time and energy doing the same things over and over again. I bought book after book. I would think that I’ve finally figured it out and everything would be good. My kids would listen to me, my wife would stop harping on me to “figure them out,” and our house would be calm and happy.

And that lasted about a day and before I knew it, we were back to square one.

I was frustrated and angry. My wife would be constantly fighting tears. Kids fighting with one another and showing us no respect or concern.

It was awful.

As a last resort, I contacted a behavioral health physician and therapist at Boys Town National Research Hospital. Not because I wanted to send my kids there but I didn’t know where else to turn. If they couldn’t help me create a home dynamic where everyone in our family was happy and not in a constant state of stress, who could?

Because we live in Omaha, we were able to schedule in-person family sessions with Dr. Greg Snyder. We met a couple of times a week for several months.

And it was quite a game-changer. I took exhaustive notes and began thinking deeply about what was happening and why the conversations and therapy were so effective.

It wasn’t some miracle. It was simply that we were not looking at things correctly.

We had all the tools to correct the struggles we were experiencing. We just didn’t know they were there. Heck, if we did know, we wouldn’t have known how to use them.

Most of us don’t need extensive family therapy.

We built this challenge and the community to show you how.

And after 10 years, listen to what some of them have to say:

"Listen up. The world is changing and it's happening fast. I had a good dad. I tried to parent like he did. But it just doesn't work anymore. Nothing against my pops. He did what was necessary when I was a kid. But a new approach to being a dad was necessary for my family. The be a better challenge was a great starting point for me. Now this Daring Dad community has really taken my parenting to a new level."
Jarod M., Denver, CO
"I have shared the Be a Better Challenge with so many of my friends. How something so simple can create such significant change is beyond me. Thanks!
Darrin R. - Dallas, TX
"When Andrew told me to figure out how many Saturdays I had left with my 13-year-old daughter, it was like a literal slap in the face. It was the spark I needed to take control of life as a dad and really help my family find less stress and a lot of happiness.
Jason L. - Chicago, IL

Here's exactly what you'll get...

We all know how important it is to create a safe and happy life for our kids. There’s just too much at stake. The future well-being of our children relies on it. We don’t want our kids to grow into adults that suffer from an unhappy childhood. It’s on us to provide the experiences and relationships that position them for lifelong success.

Plus, who wants to live with the haunting regret of not doing everything you could have to make your role as a dad the best possible?

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