Be a daring dad

Every dad could use a little help. Right?

Being a dad is an every day thing. We built Daring Dads to help you be a little bit better version of yourself. For your family.

We believe all dads can be the best dad POSSIBLE
Let us show you how

Being a great dad is important.

It’s probably the most important thing you will do in your life.

It’s something to be admired.

It’s a duty that should be filled with reverence, filled with the most meaning and purpose.

But being a great dad is really hard.

We all need help. We all need guidance.

Unfortunately, most advice available fails to really help. We’re supposed to read one book as a sleep-deprived parent with a job and that will magically be good and sufficient for the rest of our life?

Get outta here!

Most of us can barely manage to get to our jobs on time and remembered to take out the trash. How are we supposed to keep up and read and listen to all the papers and podcasts?

And then it magically be cemented in our brains!

Not possible!

That is why daring dads exists - to help you where and when you need help.

Welcome to Daring Dads

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What We Do

At Daring Dads, we teach dads how to be the best dad possible.

That doesn’t mean sacrificing your professional career! Whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, or intrapreneur, you don’t have to make cuts to the things that matter in your life.

Why We Do It

We believe dads deserve to spend as much time as possible with their spouses and children. We only have a finite amount of time before our kids grow and start a life of their own, make the most out of what you have from where you’re at, always!

Why we do this work
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Children’s well-being goes hand in hand with their dads’ mental health.
Colorado School of Public Health
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Children’s well-being goes hand in hand with their dads’ mental health.
University of Colorado
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Hang Out

When you hang out with successful, ambitious dads, it’s contagious. The fun and future success rub off on you! Let’s roll!

The Club

We should all be Daring Dads Club

An online membership community for dads.

It’s like a virtual gym. Except instead of getting lean and building muscle, you build your skills, confidence, have a lot of fun, and become the best dad possible.